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Slide Reversi


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New Type Reversi. Slide vertically! This is a fun puzzle game.
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Tokens you picked up goes off. So you have to consider the order put your token.
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And you can play a "Slug Out Mode" (generated by a random).

You can play a windows application. This application is free to download.

slide_reversi_1.0.2.zip (Ver. 1.0.2, Last Update : 2015-03-01)

Android Application is here.



1. Slide vertically.
2. Drop and Sandwich.
    Black sanddwich White. Banish!
    White sanddwich Black. Turn to White!
3. All disks are black. You win!

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Developer & Author : Masakazu Yanai

Publisher : Cronus Crown

Web Site : http://puzzleandgame.com/

App Page :

Twitter : ruten

Last Update : 2015-07-21

Release : 2014-07-04

Copyright 2014 Masakazu Yanai. & Cronus Crown.

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