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Army Defense 2


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"Army Defense" is a fantasy Tower Defense type game.
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"If you clear a stage, you can get a unit or a treasure.
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And you can play a "Slug Out Mode" (generated by a random).

You can play 12 stages on the web.

You can play 25 stages on a windows application. You can use PayPal to buy this application (7$). Ver. 1.2.0, Last Update : 2015-07-21

There is a lot of difference with "Army Defense 1".

Those are "graphic", "the type of units", "the chemistry of units", "the effect of lands" and "improvement of UI".



1. You put units in a map and beat the enemies who comes to the town.
2. You can change your unit by a button of the screen upper part.
3. When you beat enemies completely, You can beat a stage.
4. When your life will be 0, you're loss.
* Units have the power, the speed, the reach and the price.
* The number of remaining enemies is indicated in Wave.

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Developer & Author : Masakazu Yanai

Web Site : http://puzzleandgame.com/

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Twitter : ruten

Last Update : 2015-07-21

Release : 2014-08-17

Copyright 2014 Masakazu Yanai.

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