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Army Defense 1


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"Army Defense" is a fantasy Tower Defense type game.
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"If you clear a stage, you can get a unit or a treasure.
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And you can play a "Slug Out Mode" (generated by a random).

You can play 12 stages on the web.

You can play 25 stages on a windows application. You can use PayPal to buy this application (7$). Ver. 1.1.1, Last Update : 2015-07-21



1. You put units in a map and beat the enemies who comes to the town.
2. You can change your unit by a button of the screen upper part.
3. When you beat enemies completely, You can beat a stage.
4. When your life will be 0, you're loss.
* Units have the power, the speed, the reach and the price.
* The number of remaining enemies is indicated in Wave.

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Developer & Author : Masakazu Yanai

Web Site : http://puzzleandgame.com/

App Page :

Twitter : ruten

Last Update : 2015-07-21

Release : 2013-08-12

Copyright 2013 Masakazu Yanai.

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