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Point 1.
Simple Reversi.
Point 2.
Cat's stones.
Point 3.
You can play on a browser. You can play as Android Application.

Plan PG Graphocs : Masakazu Yanai / Sounds:Maoudamashii

Android App is here.


* If you change a size, board is reloaded;


1. Your cat is white. You can put your cat in red square.

2. You put a cat. Other cat which is between the cat you put and your cat will be your cat.

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Developer & Author : Masakazu Yanai

Publisher : Cronus Crown

Web Site : http://puzzleandgame.com/

App Page :

Twitter : ruten

Last Update : 2016-04-27

Release : 2016-04-27

Copyright 2016 Masakazu Yanai. & Cronus Crown.

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